Entry: a few days late...or when babies decide to arrive...and the creativity of maternity Sunday, July 03, 2011

I have been having fun when asked "when are you due?" in the supermarket. I simply smile and say, "three days ago" and watch as everyone tensed or otherwise freaked.

I'm feeling great and have no idea when this little one will arrive. We expect the baby will change everything (in such a magic way) so I've been spending the past few days reading, relaxing, and tweaking the nursery. It's not perfect but it is ready-- didn't cost much and has several advantages-- quiet, calm, and quirky.

We are ready, or at least we think we are. With no previous parenting experience but almost 20 years together, we have taken steps to prepare ourselves but we haven't taken all those parent-to-be classes or excessively obsessed over trying to become perfect parents. Perfect is a bad idea around babies anyway, sets 'em up for false expectations of this wonky world. We'd like to be good parents. Like the one's we know and the ones we have.

For us both, good parenting includes not losing crucial parts of who we are-- i.e. I'll be an artist/ creative troublemaker still, my husband will continue to do the good work of fighting hunger. It's just that we'll create and be kind with kid in tow. Hopefully this baby will learn to make and help, to explore and connect, to be fully a citizen in this world.

When, of course, baby decides to enter this world. Maybe tonight, tomorrow, or two weeks from now... nobody knows but I am pretty darn sure that this baby will be born at the right time.

take care,


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